Working with Alicia was an amazing experience. Her dedication to her clients and her willingness to do whatever it takes make her an invaluable real estate agent to have on your team. I lost count of the early mornings and late nights she made herself available to us with our difficult schedules.  She urged us to make a competitive bid on an amazing home with multiple offers, and through her guidance, we got the house! It can be overwhelming to face all the obstacles of buying a home, like securing a loan, competing with other serious buyers, making the right counter offer, and finding the right house, but Alicia made it all feel manageable and even fun.   

Sarah Finley & Mike Azevedo


We had a wonderful experience working with Alicia. We went into the market when things were starting to pick up in NELA, so we were worried we were going to get priced out of our neighborhood, Highland Park. Alicia was always available, always had helpful guidance, and quickly keyed in on what we were looking for. It wasn’t long before she shared a listing with us that had been tucked away deep in the MLS. She knew we were looking for a house that we could transform into our own…a fixer. There’s no way we would have found the house on our own. The minute we walked in, we knew we wanted this quirky little house that has been transformed into our dream first home. Alicia has the insight, experience and versatility to find what is specific to each client, be it investment, live/rent, turn key or fixer upper. We cannot recommend her enough! Thank you, Alicia!   

Lake Sharp & Alex Brown


As small fish entering a very crowded market of sharks, we were fairly pessimistic about our chances of ending up with anything close to the kind of home we wanted. Thanks to Alicia’s tenacity and professionalism we ended up with a property that I can honestly say is our dream house in our dream location. We were first time buyers and Alicia was endlessly patient and helpful with our rookie questions and concerns. She was always available and happy to show up at whichever property suited our fancy that week. Alicia is super fast on email and text and a very clear communicator. We’re extremely grateful for her help and handholding throughout the process.  I really believe it was her personal touch that ended up winning us the house. She really went above and beyond what we expected from a realtor. Thanks Alicia!   

Brad Breek & Jeana Sohn


My wife and I first became acquainted with Alicia Lawhon through the purchase of our first home. We had already given up hope and became disillusioned with the buying process before meeting Alicia Lawhon. She was the fourth Realtor we were working with. My wife and I were utilizing not only Federal, but City programs to qualify for our purchase. Alicia Lawhon proved herself to be a compassionate, capable and dependable realtor who is dedicated to meeting the needs of her clients. I honestly don’t think my family would be in our cozy home without her patience and perseverance. 

 – Edgar Villeda, Jr.


Alicia, with her positive attitude and knowledge, provided for me and my family great assistance in finding and closing a house deal. She was professional, wonderful to discuss all of our doubts and concerns. We learned a lot from her. We recommended her to a friend, and she did a fantastic job for them too. I highly respect her and the work she does, and highly recommend her to friends and colleagues. Thank you Alicia!  

– Marcela McGrane


Thank you Alicia. It was so meant to be! We are so glad and lucky for going to that open house by chance and recognizing your name. Thank you for everything: for helping us find and get our dream home, for showing us around around our Silver Lake neighborhood, for spending time (so much time) and for caring.   

– Robin Bidigare & Casey Fisher


I am so happy to be writing this letter for you. Alicia, you are a miraculous woman. I was having such a hard time looking for a place for my son. And then I met Alicia. She made it a fantastic experience! We became instant friends and she found the perfect house for my artist son, Max. She guided me through the process with patience and great finesse. She is an exceptional communicator and has a large network of pros that she can recommend. She is the best!   

– Marysa Maslansky


Alicia is a miracle worker. As first-time home buyers, we had almost no knowledge of what we were supposed to do in order to play the real estate game. After several tries, we finally landed exactly where we are supposed to be, thanks to Alicia’s persistence and guidance. I mean, what agent is up early over 4th of July weekend to troll for new listings on the off chance that a true gem pops up? Alicia is! She answered every question we had, and we had a lot, with patience, grace, and expertise. We felt totally taken care of throughout escrow and beyond! Love this woman!   

– Lisa & David Sykes


I met Alicia while searching for my first home and we had an instant connection. Her expertise in understanding style and value went well beyond my expectations. Looking for a home is an exciting and stressful process. I went into the buying process knowing that I wasn’t going to rush into anything. Alicia guided me along the way and was always available for me during my year and a half long search for the right place. I really can’t imagine having another agent work as hard or be as valuable as Alicia Lawhon. I didn’t just meet a real estate agent that I will use in years to come, but also a friend that I will always be in touch with. Thank you for everything Alicia!   

– Jeff Tomcho


Alicia was fantastic to work with and incredibly helpful during my search process. She listened to what I was looking for and showed me options that met my needs. She also helped me navigate complex negotiations, I appreciated her insight and perspective. I ended up finding the perfect spot that I was very happy with thanks to Alicia. Besides being a great professional, Alicia is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Alicia. 

Casey Oetgen


Alicia’s confident expertise kept the stress levels down in what otherwise could have been a very stressful process. There was a house I originally loved but missed out on before hiring Alicia. I asked her to keep an eye on it and about 4 months later she advised me that it had just fallen out of escrow. She helped me to pick it up for $5k less then it had been in escrow for. Great low pressure and efficient experience. 

Jalal Poehlman


Alicia is a wonderful, professional realtor. She spent a good deal of time showing us properties with no pressure. Once we decided, she was with us every step of the way during the process. 

Brian Addley